The best tools & people to make running your business a breeze.

Working on my third year of business, I've had some time to try out (almost) all the platforms & tools out there to know which ones are worth your $ and which ones to avoid. And since my business wouldn't be where it is without the help of some other businesses, it's only fitting for me to share them with you too!

Disclaimer: This page contains some affiliate links of which I will make a small commission from sales of certain items. I would never recommend a platform, resource or product that I do not use and enjoy myself, so rest assured that I would still recommend all these platforms regardless!

Business tools that help keep me sane & support my clients

I'm a big advocate of the idea that your business is only as good as the systems and tools that support it from the ground up. I'm also not a fan of spending ridiculous amounts of money on tools that aren't a perfect (or pretty close to it) fit for what my business specifically needs.

So while these platforms are the combination that works for my business, there's a 0% chance that our businesses our identical — so I always recommend doing your own research to make sure that the platforms you're investing in are actually the best fit!


I mean, duh, it’s kind of what my business revolves around. If you’re ready to stop using a billion different platforms just to receive inquiries and book clients – look no further. This is what I use for receiving inquiries, scheduling calls, sending proposals, contracts, & invoices, sending questionnaires & automating all of the above!

If you're ready to make managing the back-end of your business easier, get 30% off your first month or year using code: TPC30. Pro tip: you'll save waaay more $$ if you sign up for the annual plan! Pro tip #2: You can stay on Dubsado's free trial until you have over 3 projects on your account. So you can literally set everything up without paying a cent and then use my code to save $!

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Maybe my second favorite platform? Basically, whatever I don’t do with Dubsado, I do with Notion. It holds everything from my business idea braindumps to my client portals to mine and my partner’s apartment comparison database (no, seriously). 

This is also where I keep track of every task for each project I book and what I use to delegate tasks to my team! It's an incredibly versatile platform because you create every page from scratch, meaning you can set it up precisely how it'll work best for you.

i think you'll love it


I'll be honest with you, I have tried all of the popular course hosting platforms: Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, & more. And you know what I love the most? Thrivecart Learn! It's so easy to use, has a really nice user experience and Thrivecart's main feature, checkouts, makes selling any type of resource a breeze.

One of the best parts, in my opinion, is that Thrivecart is a one-time fee. Meaning you buy it once and then have lifetime access. No monthly payments needed? Sign me up!

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zoho campaigns

Okay I know this is a spicy hot take, but I am noooot the biggest fan of Flodesk. I think it's good at making pretty emails, but if you want to have advanced analytics and robust options for segmenting your audience—it falls pretty short.

With my degree in graphic design, one of the most important things I learned was that it doesn't matter how nice it looks if it's not functional. And that mindset is something I continue to carry with me, and one of the biggest things that informs the platforms & tools I choose to use in my business.

Zoho is incredibly robust, yet easy to use. Oh and did I mention it's $6/month or $54/year. Yeah, you definitely should check it out!

learn about zoho

novo bank

My business finances are something I'm always looking to make as easy as possible, which is why I love Novo! Novo allows you to create 'Reserves' to store your money in for specific goals or purposes. It makes it easy for me to separate my savings into taxes, general business savings, etc.

They also have a partnership with Stripe that allows you to receive your payment transfer up to 2 days earlier than other banks & they have an offer where Stripe users can access a perk to enjoy $5000 worth of fee-free payments.

get $40 when you add $100 to your account!


Using Zoom for video conferencing is so 2022! I've been using Whereby for close to a year now and couldn't be more obsessed. It has all of the features from Zoom that I needed plus it's more affordable, has a waay better looking UI, and has a ton of options for infusing your brand onto the platform!

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If you currently use Loom for screen share recordings, client tutorials, SOPs, etc. Berrycast is a wonderful alternative that has a more affordable monthly rate and also has a lifetime plan option (pay once, have lifetime access).

check out berrycast

People who have helped my business grow & thrive

Just as it "takes a village" to raise a child, it takes a whooole damn city to build a sustainable business. The folks mentioned here are near & dear to my heart and have been an integral part of my business journey. Whether I've hired them, bought a resource of theirs, or just have sent millions of Instagram DMs — if you're looking for your next business investment: these people all deserve to be on your list! 

juno creative studio

If you dig my branding, you’ll also love the designers behind it. Sam and Taylor at Juno Creative Studio are the definition of bespoke brand & web design that is incredibly strategic and intentional.

They took my vision for my business, pushed me to refine it, and then created a brand identity that was better than I ever imagined. If you want to work with designers that know their shit and do more than just branding that “looks pretty”, they’re your people.

visit juno's site

site series® by between the lines copy

If you’re reading this website and you’re thinking damn, this website copy is really good…thanks, I wrote it! But I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the guidance from one of my fave entrepreneurs, Sara from Between the Lines Copy.

I took Sara’s course Site Series and learned how to write website copy (and blogs, and email newsletters) that my audience will actually resonate with and want to read. If you want to join Site Series too – I 10/10 recommend. It was seriously the most comprehensive, well thought out course I’ve ever taken and well worth the investment.

learn more

legal templates from chandler j esq.

I'd be lying if I told you that the legal side of my business was something I had prioritized from the start, but it is something I wish I had prioritized from the start! Chandler has templates for so many legal things you'll need as a business owner: contracts, terms & conditions, privacy policy and more that make it so easy to make sure your business is legally protected.

Plus, if you're looking to register your LLC or DIY the trademark process for your business – she has incredible resources for both of those as well. Use code 'PASSIONSCOLLECTIVE' for a little discount on any of Chandler's resources at checkout! 


kirsti aka dory dimes

Fun? fact: I wouldn't know how to pay myself if I never had a strategy call with Kirsti. If you have any questions about business finances, bookkeeping, taxes, etc. Kirsti is your GIRL. She is so knowledgeable and shares information in such an easy-to-understand way! 

I've had strategy calls with Kirsti two separate times and she taught me how to pay myself, how to allocate my business profit, what tax deductions I may be missing out on, how to switch to an s-corp, and even how to get a debt consolidation loan for my personal credit card debt. She's seriously a lifesaver and I couldn't recommend her more.

work with kirsti

need some more recs for your next investment?

Whether you need a copywriter for your business, a social media expert, a Honeybook pro, or a photographer for your wedding or elopement; if you're looking for someone you can trust, I can almost guarantee I can point you in the right direction :) Feel free to DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email if you've got an investment in mind and need to find the right person!

Office essentials that I couldn't live without

everyday dose

Mushroom coffee I drink on a daily basis. If I lost you at 'mushroom' hang on because it's not what you think! Everyday Dose is a powder that includes function mushrooms (Lions Mane & Chaga), collagen, suntheanine, and coffee extract. It's what I use as a natural alternative to ADHD medication because it helps me focus, gives me just enough energy, but keeps me calm all at the same time and it tastes just like coffee, I swear!

This product genuinely changed my life (that is not an exaggeration) and has helped my ADHD SO much. But even if you're not someone who has (or suspects they have) ADHD, this is a coffee alternative with high-quality ingredients that help your brain, sleep, digestion, skin & more. If you have any questions, ask away or check out their website below.

check out everyday dose

owala® freesip®

If you think you don't need anymore water bottles...think again. As a former serial-water-bottle-buyer I have now gone over a YEAR without buying a new one, because the Owala® Freesip® is THE water bottle of water bottles. Why, you ask? Let me tell you:

You no longer have to choose whether you want to to sip through a straw, or gulp through a spout — the Freesip® has BOTH. The top locks in place so no more worrying about spilling water in your bag, car, etc. if your water bottle tips over. And, last but not least, it it 100% dishwasher safe. Okay happy buying! :)

the emotional support water bottle you need

cute n' comfy reading chair

When I moved into a larger apartment this past summer and finally had an entire room to myself for my office, I absolutely knew I wanted a little reading corner. This chair is adorable, super comfy, cat-approved and happens to be one of my brand colors (but they have a ton of colors to choose from!).

check it out!