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In this picture, Fran, a white woman in her mid 20s with shoulder length curly dark brown hair, smiles while holding a red apple atop her head.

Learn from me for free

Here's a collection of my own freebies, along with other resources that I've created or been a part of!


steal my dubsado inquiry workflow

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to making the decision to invest money into something. Do yourself a favor and set your business up for success with a smooth inquiry process!

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feedback 101

Feedback vs Testimonial, Why Feedback Matters, How to Build an Effective Feedback form: these are all topics covered in my feedback freebie! Plus, get access to a bank of feedback questions to build your own form.

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Guest Blogs

Client Experience: The Key to a Successful, Sustainable Business

You’ve probably heard the term client experience thrown around here and there during your time as a business owner. But do you actually know what impacts your client experience and why it’s crucial for building not only a successful business, but a sustainable one?

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One Thing You're Overlooking in Your Client Experience: Communication

We’ve all heard the phrase “Communication is the key to a successful relationship”, right? But did you know that it’s also the key to a successful business?

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Why Freelance Business Owners Need Dubsado: Systems Expert Tells All

guest interview

Do I need a system to help me organize my client relations, or not? And if I do decide that I need a system, which one should I use: Honeybook or Dubsado? Or something else?

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Podcast Episodes

the importance of client experience in business

on brewing up creativity podcast

In this episode, I join Danielle—past TPC client and host of Brewing Up Creativity—to talk all about what client experience actually is, why it's important, and share actionable ways to improve your client experience.

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In this picture, Fran, a white woman in her mid 20s with shoulder length curly dark brown hair, relaxes on a plush chair while holding her laptop in front of her face so only her eyes and above are visible.

The tools that make up my business' back end:

I'm a big advocate of the idea that your business is only as good as the systems and tools that support it from the ground up. I'm also not a fan of spending ridiculous amounts of money on tools that aren't a perfect (or pretty close to it) fit for what my business specifically needs.

So while these platforms are the combination that works for my business, there's a 0% chance that our businesses our identical — so I always recommend doing your own research to make sure that the platforms you're investing in are actually the best fit!


use: client management (invoicing, contracts, questionnaires, call scheduling, inquries)

If you're ready to make managing the back-end of your business easier, use my discount code to get 30% off your first month or year: TPC30. (Or by using this link!)

Pro tip: you'll save waaay more $$ if you sign up for the annual plan!

Pro tip #2: You can stay on Dubsado's free trial until you have over 3 projects on your account. So you can literally set everything up without paying a cent and then use my code to save $!


use: project management, content planning, finance tracking, analytic tracking & some personal uses like grocery planning

Maybe my second favorite platform? Basically, whatever I don’t do with Dubsado, I do with Notion.

This is also where I keep track of every task for each project I book and what I use to delegate tasks to my team! 

It's an incredibly versatile platform because you create every page from scratch, meaning you can set it up precisely how it'll work best for you.

Give Notion a try!


use: digital product sales, course hosting platform

I'll be honest with you, I have tried all of the popular course hosting platforms: Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, & more. And you know what I love the most? Thrivecart Learn! 

It's so easy to use, has a really nice user experience and Thrivecart's main feature, checkouts, makes selling any type of resource a breeze.

One of the best parts, in my opinion, is that Thrivecart is a one-time fee. Meaning you buy it once and then have lifetime access. No monthly payments needed? Sign me up!

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use: demo video recording & sharing

If you currently use Loom for screen share recordings, client tutorials, SOPs, etc. Berrycast is a wonderful alternative that has a more affordable monthly rate and also has a lifetime plan option (pay once, have lifetime access).

learn more about berrycast


use: video calls

Using Zoom for video conferencing is so 2022! I've been using Whereby for well over a year now and couldn't be more obsessed.

It has all of the features from Zoom that I needed plus it's more affordable, has a waay better looking UI, and has a ton of options for infusing your brand onto the platform!

Seriously, every time a new person hops on a call with me, they almost always compliment it.

learn more about Whereby

zoho campaigns

use: email marketing, email automations, freebie delivery

Okay I know this is a spicy hot take, but I am noooot a Flodesk girlie. I think it's good at making pretty emails, but if you want robust options for segmenting your audience—it falls pretty short.

Zoho is incredibly robust, yet easy to use. Oh and did I mention it's $6/month or $54/year. Yeah, you definitely should check it out!

check out zoho campaigns

american express blue business cash card

use: business credit card

It took me a while to decide which business credit card I wanted and I'm a big fan of this one!

I already have personal credit cards that give me travel rewards, so I opted for this card because you get cashback on purchases that is applied as a direct credit each month on your account.

You'll receive a $200 account credit after your first $2000 spent!

learn more & apply here!

In this picture, Fran, a white woman in her mid 20s with shoulder length curly dark brown hair, plays with her hair while smiling softy into the distance.

My favorite people in the online space

Just as it "takes a village" to raise a child, it takes a whooole damn city to build a sustainable business. The folks mentioned here are near & dear to my heart and have been an integral part of my business journey.

Whether I've hired them, bought a resource of theirs, or just have sent millions of Instagram DMs — if you're looking for your next business investment: these people all deserve to be on your list! 

Brand Strategy, Brand Design & Web Design

state of sage

A wonderful past client of mine who specializes in brand ecosystems for businesses who bring healing, presence & earth-wisdom to the forefront of culture.

visit state of sage's website

designed by shyne

Another wonderful past client of mine who specializes in brand strategy & design for disruptors and folks who do things differently.

visit designed by shyne's website


morph copy house

investments: custom website copy

A past client who I hired for my most recent iteration of website copy! Kait is a dream to work with and so good at what she does.

visit morph copy house's website

between the lines copy

investments: site series website copywriting course

I invested in Site Series and wrote my entire website copy (a year before hiring Kait!) and would invest in this course again if I could.

The skills I learned in this course translate to all of the copy I write (social media captions, emails, etc.) and makes me feel confident in my ability to make updates to my professional website copy when needed, without messing it up!

learn more about site series

copy with spice

One of my incredible podcast co-hosts, Alethea, is also an amazingly talented copywriter! If you want copy packed with personality, Alethea is your gal.

visit copy with spice's website

kori whitby

investments: vip day

Kori was the first copywriter I worked with and is one of my fave people to interact with in the online space!

visit kori's website


berkley sweetapple

investments: trademark filing

I worked with Berkley to file my business trademark after trying to (unsuccessfully) DIY mine. She made the process so easy and pain-free!

visit berkley's website

chandler j. esq.

investments: contract & legal templates

I've used Chandler's Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Digital Terms of Purchase and more and she makes it so easy to make sure you're legally protected!

Use code 'PASSIONSCOLLECTIVE' at checkout for a little discount on any of Chandler's resources!

visit chandler's website

Social Media / Marketing

maison audelÀ

investments: social media design & templates

Right alongside with my rebrand, I worked with Öz on a number of my social media post designs and also had her create some templates for me.

She's a dream to work with and so incredibly talented in her craft!

visit Öz's instagram

hannah reed & co

investment: Pinterest blueprint

My other podcast co-host happens to be an amazing Pinterest & Funnels Strategist and Manager. Whether you're looking to completely outsource Pinterest, or get help DIY-ing it, Han's got services for both!

visit hannah's website

defy creative co.

Danielle is an amazing blog manager for folks in the wedding industry! If you're looking to start ranking on Google and get your website in front of the eyeballs of ideal clients, check out her services.

visit danielle's website

jayde haus

Sasadya helps wedding pros with Pinterest, Blogging, Website Copy & more! If you've got your eyes on any of those services, see if she's a good fit for you.

visit sasadya's website


sonia smith creative

Because I know that I've got some Honeybook-lovers in my audience, of course I have to share a rec for a Honeybook expert, too!

Sonia is always my recommendation when anyone asks about Honeybook, and she also has a VA team as well if you're a wedding pro looking to outsource some tasks.

visit sonia's website

Business Finances

dory dimes

investments: 1:1 consulting sessions

I've had two consulting sessions with Kirsti since starting my business and I wish I had invested in my financial education sooner!

If taxes, bookeeping, paying yourself, etc. are things you have questions on (or want to outsource) hit up Kirsti and her incredible team!

visit kirsti's website

In this picture, Fran, a white woman in her mid 20s with shoulder length curly dark brown hair, relaxes on a plush chair while holding her laptop in front of her face so only her eyes and above are visible.

Office and personal essentials that I couldn't live without

Because if you're like me, you're always nosy curious about other people's favorite things!

everyday dose

Mushroom coffee I drink on a daily basis. If I lost you at 'mushroom' hang on because it's not what you think! Everyday Dose is a powder that includes function mushrooms (Lions Mane & Chaga), collagen, suntheanine, and coffee extract.

It's what I use as a natural alternative to ADHD medication because it helps me focus, gives me just enough energy, but keeps me calm all at the same time and it tastes just like coffee, I swear! (Plus they've got a matcha too if you're not a coffee-lover)

This product genuinely changed my life (that is not an exaggeration) and has helped my ADHD SO much. But even if you're not someone who has (or suspects they have) ADHD, this is a coffee alternative with high-quality ingredients that help your brain, sleep, digestion, skin & more. If you have any questions, ask away or check out their website below.

learn about everyday dose

owala® freesip®

If you think you don't need anymore water bottles...think again. As a former serial-water-bottle-buyer I have now gone over TWO YEARS without buying a new one, because the Owala® Freesip® is THE water bottle of water bottles. Why, you ask? Let me tell you:

You no longer have to choose whether you want to to sip through a straw, or gulp through a spout — the Freesip® has BOTH. The top locks in place so no more worrying about spilling water in your bag, car, etc. if your water bottle tips over.

And, last but not least, it it 100% dishwasher safe. Okay happy buying! :)

the emotional support water bottle you need!

my office chair

I get questions about this chair every time I share it on my stories so I wanted to share it here, too. It's cute, comfy, comes in a ton of colors, and if you get one we can match!

find the chair here

current bank

I use Current for all my personal banking! My favorite feature is that if you can add money to 'Savings Pods' (reserves in your account) that earn 4.00% APY if you have direct deposits set up for your account.

Earn $50 when you join Current and receive a qualifying Direct Deposit if you sign up using my code: FRANCESR123 or the link below :)

open your current acount