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Dubsado set ups, Dubsado automations, and Dubsado design services.

Whether you’re just getting started with Dubsado or are a seasoned user ready for more, we’ll work together to make Dubsado your digital sidekick so you can feel confident in your client experience and stop wasting hours in the backend of your business.

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here's a tip —

Your Dubsado expert shouldn’t *just* be a tech person.

When you work with me, you’re getting more than an automated CRM. You’re getting an automated CRM that is strategically optimized for the way you do things, a friendly educator to help you understand your system, and someone who actually gives a sh*t about supporting you after the setup is complete.

Here's how I can help

If you’ve spent way too many hours trying to DIY your way through Dubsado with YouTube videos or unopened courses sitting in your Inbox. Or if you’ve worked with another “expert” already, only to be left with a jumble of things you have no clue how to use and a bunch of automations firing off that you don’t want to.

It’s time to sit back, relax, and let me handle it.

Your CRM is meant to take things off your plate, not add to it.

You need a system that’s always there to take care of your leads and clients so that you can say goodbye to all the to-dos floating in your head and let your business work FOR you. Together, let’s turn Dubsado into a system that you’re confident using, one that seamlessly integrates with your current processes AND makes your clients feel like one in a million, 24/7.

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the whole shebang

The Whole Shebang


  • Connect Dubsado to all payment processors, email & calendar, & video conferencing platform
  • Setup Client Portal inside Dubsado
  • White label your Dubsado domain
  • Import all existing contracts, questionnaires, proposals & lead capture forms + creation of new materials as needed
  • Setup call scheduler w/ custom confirmation & reminder emails
  • Import all packages and payment plans w/ custom reminder emails
  • All deliverables Elevate & Automate
  • 90-minute client experience & workflow mapping call
  • 2-hour demo call & test drive
  • Custom project portal in Notion
  • Voxer (text + voice message) support during project + 2 weeks after demo call


  • Connection to outside applications via Zapier, if needed
  • Automated workflows for more than 4 services
  • Current client/project migration/import


You’re switching from another platform to Dubsado or you’re ready to get started with Dubsado, are booking more than ever and ready for automations that work FOR you so you can focus on what you do best, serving your clients.


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custom dubsado form templates

Custom Dubsado Form Template


  • Initial branding questionnaire
  • Custom designed templates for each of the 5 types of Dubsado forms to match current branding
  • Application of new designs to all existing, active Dubsado forms
  • 2 rounds of revisions per form
  • Recorded or live demo of how to use templates
  • 3-week timeline


You’re ready for your Dubsado to do its job, and look the part too and want to hear “that’s in Dubsado?!” everytime you send out a project proposal ;)

INVESTMENT: $750 (2 payments of $375 USD)

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dubsado workflow strategy session

Dubsado Workflow Strategy Session


  • 90-minute client experience & workflow mapping call
  • Access to call recording
  • Personalized workflow strategy for up to 4 services
  • Breakdown doc including the workflows we strategized, the materials needed for each one, and the action, trigger & timeframe inside Dubsado for each workflow step (to make setup a breeze!)
  • 2 weeks of Voxer (voice + text support) to be used within 60 days of our call


You’re comfortable using Dubsado and are ready to check "Workflows" off your to-do list, but aren't sure where to start or what you can / should automate.

INVESTMENT: $870 (or 2 payments of $435)

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Automate & elevate

Automate & Elevate


  • 90-minute client experience & workflow mapping call
  • Done for you custom email templates 
  • Custom coded, duplicatable, on-brand form templates
  • Custom automated workflows for up to 4 services
  • 60-minute demo call & test drive
  • Custom project portal in Notion
  • Voxer (text + voice message) support during project + 2 weeks after demo call


  • Connection to outside applications via Zapier, if needed
  • Automated workflows for more than 4 services


You’ve been using Dubsado, but not to its fullest, you want to book projects more effortlessly and provide your clients with the experience they deserve, but it’s not worth the stress of trying to figure it out yourself. 


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client's love

When you choose The Passions Collective you’re getting a CRM that works for you and the transformation that comes with it.

Polina S. went from “I have my client journey kind of mapped out but my Dubsado is a MESS and I keep procrastinating on learning how to automate it. It started to really take time away from my business bc I am now getting more inquiries “

to “Fran helped me refine my client experience, created BREATHTAKING custom proposals for my packages, automated my workflows, and took my business to a whole new level — which was crucial as I prepared for maternity leave and + being a business owner AND a mom.”

Micah W. went from “I have clients coming in but feel as if I’m not offering them the experience they deserve or expect from me. And I’m tired of feeling less than.”

to “I'm booking more projects already and getting compliments on how organized I am. It allows me to create immediate trust with potential clients and help them see the value in working with me from the very beginning.”

Erin W. went from “I need a business structure that is more sustainable and gives me more guaranteed, steady income. The way it runs right now is NOT that, and I am literally losing sleep and getting behind on work stressing about the ineffectiveness of it and how I feel like the way it currently runs is a mistake.”

to “Creating a workflow for set contract terms has guaranteed my income for months at a time, and makes my client experience so much better and smoother without me having to wonder if I should have sent this message, if I'm being overbearing, etc. It all happens automatically and I feel better about knowing that I can solely focus on doing the good work for my clients.”

Meg M. went from “I have had Dubsado for about 4 years now and I 10000% know I am not using it to the best of my ability. I want to implement more workflows and ways to make things easier and seamless from inquiry to post-wedding!”

to “Easier booking process, 100%. From the moment that inquiry hits my inbox and I approve tasks it just delegates so smoothly and seamlessly. Organization is top notch now.”

It’s time to stop settling for a business that sucks all your time away and prevents you from actually living your life.

Say yes to a business that’s streamlined and ready to grow, sustainably.

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So, what makes me different?



Your business is one-of-a-kind and deserves a system that supports that, not one that tries to box you in with everyone else. I work with you to strategize custom automation solutions, tailored to the way you run your business. No templates, no cookie-cutter strategies – all custom, all from-scratch.

My packages are priced based on a combination of industry standards, my experience, and the process and they are an investment. But not one that I want you to go into debt for or worry about whether or not you’ll be able to afford groceries next month. 

Payment plans are available for all my services, in fact, I don’t even offer the option to pay in full (obviously you can if you really want to) because I want a solution that works respects both of our financial situations.





One-size-fits- all? Nope. Not here. We all have different learning styles, baseline levels of knowledge, and limitations. I don’t force you to do things my way – I give you resources in a variety of mediums to cater to your individual needs and make the process as supportive as possible.

I mean it! My goal is to make this process easier for you, which is why I handle everything from the strategy to the implementation. You don’t have to plan out your processes, you don’t have to write email templates, etc. I do the heavy lifting so you can take a hands-off approach – all you have to do is provide feedback on materials, as needed, and I’ll handle the rest.





In an online world where anyone can slap a title on their Instagram and call themselves anything — I made it a priority to back up my title with some credentials. I'm a Certified Dubsado Specialist, which means I've passed an exam provided by Dubsado and am required to take it each year to retain my certification.

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