The unbiased feedback & tough love you need to finally create a superior client experience. 

No more second guessing or throwing spaghetti at the wall, an expert like you should feel cool, calm, and collected when it comes to providing a top-tier client journey every single time. 

So if you’ve been putting off that much needed upgrade, The Audit is the in-depth review & analysis you need to silence the ‘where do I even start?’ anxiety by providing an action plan to help you finally get sh*t done. 

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Let's be real

The experience you provide starts way before potential clients inquire and continues well after your deliverables have been sent. 

From the second someone is creepin’ on your Instagram to the post-project raving to friends about your incredible work, every single detail is making an impression (whether you realize it or not). 

And not to sound like your stuffy ex-boss in corporate hinting at an upcoming performance review, but is your business really operating at its fullest potential? Your killer services are only one piece of becoming the go-to expert in your industry. To get there – you’ve got to think bigger

So what does it take to create a business that goes beyond

Relying on research & relevant data  
Solidifying brand strategy 
Providing clear processes, resources, & materials 
Creating sustainable & customized systems that feel second nature 
Offering unmatched communication & support 
Delivering exceptional services 

What if you could get your hands on an expert analysis of these factors & a custom game plan for a glow up?

Well now you can. 


The Audit

One-time investment. 
One week turnaround. 
One report packed with valuable feedback & personalized next-steps.

Here’s the low-down... 

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You can choose to book The Audit as a stand alone project (no further commitment required) as it's designed to give you everything you need to revamp & streamline on your own. (But you can always decide to hire me for implementation later, too!) Use the direct booking link below to get started. 

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inquire to book your project

No matter what, every project with The Passions Collective starts with The Audit. If you’re interested in working together beyond (aka I handle the strategy & setup for you), we should discuss processes & availability from the get-go! Your investment from The Audit will be used to lock in a specific start date for your project.

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getting started

Once your payment is made & start date officially secured, I’ll send over the onboarding questionnaire which is due 24 hours before your start date. 

kickin' it off

On your start date, you’ll receive your custom feedback form & guidance on how to send it out to your past clients. 

the audit

You’ve given me everything I need to slide into your world and use my expertise to evaluate your client experience as a whole through feedback analysis, systems evaluations, and a comprehensive brand review. 

report delivery

One week after our start date, you’ll receive your audit findings, along with a video walkthrough, and detailed next steps on how to implement & improve. 

revamp on your own

The report is designed to give you detailed action items so that you can confidently overhaul your client experience from start to finish. 


hire me to do it for you

If systems & automations aren’t your thing (or you just don’t have the time to tackle them), I’ll send you a customized (and no-strings attached) proposal for how I can help. 

Read more about what strategy & implementation with The Passions Collective looks like! →

go out and kill it

Whether you go on to book my other services or keep moving on your own, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of your brand perception & a newly renovated client experience that wows every time. 

Investment: $500 *must be booked at least one week in advance from start date*

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Working with Fran is a seamless experience.

I've mentioned this publicly already, but she truly practices what she preaches offering a smooth (& inspring) client experience. Even though soliciting client feedback seemed a bit uncomfortable to me, she gave me the tools to do it without devoting too much thought or time. When she compiled and prepared her audit, I felt like I was getting a clear plan to implement in my business. It was so helpful and I am actually excited about revisiting this aspect of my business!

veronica r. | content creator attorney

Working with Fran to refine and elevate my client experience and set up my Dubsado systems was a no-brainer

Starting with the Client Experience Audit forced me to take a hard look at how my clients were moving through each of my services, and to identify areas where I could both make it smoother for them and less demanding of my time. Fran got to know my business and my current systems and made suggestions for improvement. Then she and her team beautifully designed the tools to implement those new systems.

Jennifer B. | Wedding planner

I love that the audit was so thorough and took every piece into consideration.

It helps me to know exactly what I can do in the future to improve my CX. Overall, the experience felt like a confirmation, a validation that the things I wasn't sure about were indeed in need of improvement. I know what to do and I know I can come to you for help to take action on those future steps!

Clarisse B. | Brand & WEb Designer

The Audit Report Breakdown

No secrets here. I’ll take a magnifying glass to three key factors of your business & overall client experience and wrap it up in one actionable game plan. 

brand presentation
Is your brand identity & messaging consistent, targeted, & effective? What is it communicating about what your CX will be like? I’ll creep on your website & stalk your socials to identify gaps or points of confusion along your client journey.
internal processes
Streamlined & repeatable systems are the key to a rave-worthy client experience. I’ll dig into your current tech systems, client materials, project timelines & more for suggestions that save you time, energy, & sanity. 
deliverables & support
Attracting & booking dream clients is a start, but are you following through? I’ll peek into your project deliverables & post-project experience to  ensure you’re bringing the wow-factor long past your ‘end date’. 
overall analysis
This conclusion connects the dots between the zoomed-out view of how your client experience is perceived and what detailed steps you need to take to make a major upgrade. Entirely custom and wildly specific to you and the success you’re looking for. 

If you take your audit and RUN with it, you might just get more than you bargained for. 

Informed & strategic business investments 

Copy? Websites? Design? Systems? Your report clarifies what needs work so you can outsource with purpose. 

a welcomed flow of referrals

Take your client love from “great working with you” to “you’re the best damn investment I’ve ever made & I’m telling everyone I know!” 

more freedom & flexibility

Time & energy becomes more abundant when systems are designed for the way you work (rather than some cookie-cutter strategy or systems that put you in a box). 

booking without fear of burnout

Shed the fear of overwhelm and book ahead with confidence knowing your processes & systems are set up for sustainable success. 

Everything you need to make your business go beyond

  • Onboarding questionnaire 
  • Custom client feedback form (to send to your past clients)
  • Comprehensive analysis of your brand presentation, current systems, & feedback
  • Audit report & findings with action plan 
  • Accompanying Loom video walkthrough of the report 

Investment: $500 

*must be booked at least one week in advance from start date*

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The Audit gives you an action plan to upgrade your client experience.

But what if you don’t want to do it yourself?

Enter: your custom proposal. 

The Audit is the first phase of working with The Passions Collective on any project. But after getting your report, you can decide whether you tackle your transformation yourself or let me handle the next phases: client experience strategy and done-for-you implementation. I’ll send over what I suggest for your business and how I can best help create a client experience you can’t wait to show off. 

Interested in learning more about what this looks like? Check out details, including sample timelines & investments! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities for the project? 

You’ll need to complete the questionnaire and send your feedback forms out to past clients – that’s it! Leave the rest up to me and The Passions Collective team. 

How do I share all of my information with you? 

The questionnaire is in-depth and gives you the chance to share all information, materials, and processes needed to complete The Audit. I’ll be available to you to share any additional info that you might feel is helpful! 

What if no past clients fill out the feedback form?

No big deal! I can still complete a full audit without the feedback from your clients. However, in all of the audits I’ve done, I’ve never run into this issue. Keep in mind, the earlier you book your project, the more time your clients will have to fill out the feedback forms. They take 10 minutes or less to fill out and I give guidance on how to encourage your past clients to actually complete them for you, including an email template! 

How many past clients should receive a feedback form? How do I choose them?

My advice is to send it to as many as you can. I typically recommend sharing it with all clients within the past year, but you can use your discretion if your services or business have significantly changed! I always ask how long ago someone has worked with you, so I’ll know to take older feedback with a grain of salt :)  

What if I want to continue working with you after The Audit to set up systems & automations for my business!

Let’s do it! When you book The Audit, you’ll have the option to book as a standalone service, or use it as a deposit for a full project with The Passions Collective. You’ll automatically receive a custom project proposal if you’ve used it as a deposit, and can request one when The Audit is complete if you’ve booked it solo. Your project proposal will include my recommended plan of action on how to level-up your client experience and is tailored to exactly what you need (and nothing you don’t!).

how do i know if this is a good fit for me?

I won't say 100%, but I believe 99% of businesses can benefit from The Audit regardless of your industry or age of business. If you still have questions or want to chat about if it's a good fit, feel free to shoot me a DM or submit an inquiry and we can chat via email or schedule a no-pressure consultation call. I'll never push you toward a service that I don't genuinely believe you can benefit from! 

is this only for dubsado users?

Nope! The Audit can be booked by users of any platforms OR by folks who aren't using a platform yet and are looking for recommendations.

You’ve found your answer to, “where do I even start?” 

The Audit is the guide you need to revamp clunky systems, throw out templated strategies, and feel good as you fill every gap in your client journey. 

let's get to it