It’s time to say ‘peace out!’ to the burnout and overwhelm and trade it in for a sustainable, automated business that’s better for you and your clients.

Booking and onboarding dream clients while you’re having a movie marathon with your fam isn’t just a pipe dream – it’s a few clicks away. The first one being the contact form below ;)


How far in advance should I reach out to work with you?

Most of my services tend to book out at least a month in advance, sometimes more. I’m always open to booking projects farther out so it’s never too early to inquire – the sooner the better!

What do I need to do before working with you?

Nothing! That’s the point – I’m here to take work off your plate, not add to it. I help you map out your processes & strategize your client experience, and handle creation of materials for you.

Do I have to automate everything?

The short answer: no. When we’re strategizing your workflows I’ll tell you what we can automate, but the final decision is up to you. I won’t automate anything you aren’t comfortable with or without your consent.

I’m not sure if I need systems or a team member, which one should I invest in first?

95% of the time, it’s better to set up systems first – automate what you can and hire for what you can’t. But it’s also very dependent on your business. This is something I’m more than happy to help you figure out on a consultation call; fill out the inquiry form above and let’s chat!

What does the timeline look like?

It depends on the service, but on average the setup time is 3-4 weeks which is directly followed by a demo call and a 2-week support period.

I’m not tech savvy, will I be able to understand how to use Dubsado?

Yes! I’ve worked with a lot of clients who do not identify as tech savvy. One of my favorite parts of what I do is actually helping you understand how to use the platform. (And I’m not going to ghost you if you have a question after our project!)

Hi, I'm Fran

Dubsado Specialist, cat mom, sitcom-lover, podcaster, Harry Potter nerd, and a bunch of other adjectives thanks to my various ADHD hyperfixations (iykyk).

What you really want to know is that I’m here to help your business run on autopilot so that you can spend more time *outside* of your business - instead of working in it 24/7. Because I know you didn’t start your business to sit inside, hunched over your desk suffering from chronic neck pain all day.

Start loving your life again

So you’re digging the vibe but maybe this all sounds like a little much.

Don’t worry, I gotchu.

A Client Experience Audit Session is the *perfect* fit if you’re ready to start making moves toward a more sustainable, client-experience-optimized, business…but maybe want the bite-size version first.

60-Minute live audit of your client experience (from inquiry to offboarding)

Access to recording of session

Document with call summary & personalized action items

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ready to transform?

Before you go, grab my Dubsado Inquiry Workflow and start off every inquiry on the right (digital) foot.

You’ll get a breakdown of the (customizable) workflow, 4 editable email templates to plug in, and a demo video to teach you how to set it up.

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