Booking and onboarding dream clients while you’re sippin' lemonade (or your favorite alcoholic bevvy) by the pool isn't a pipe dream – it’s just a few clicks away. The first one being the contact form below ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

how far in advance should i reach out about working together?

Most of my services tend to book out at least a month in advance. If you're looking to work together for a custom project, it's never too soon to reach out and get your CX Audit completed so I can put together a custom proposal for you -- even if you're looking to start the actual project in a few months!

do i have to automate everything?

Nope! When we’re strategizing your workflows I’ll tell you what we can automate and what I would recommend, but the final decision is always up to you. I won’t automate anything you aren’t comfortable with or without your consent.

should my processes be "polished" before we work together?

They don't need to be! Part of my role is to help you identify what ideal processes look like for you, considering your ideal clients and ideal lifestyle. I find that most of the time it actually creates more work for you if you try to plan everything out to a T beforehand because you can't plan for the nuances of Dubsado and we typically end up making tweaks. Don't stress about it -- leave the strategy up to me! ;)

should i get my systems optimized before or after hiring a team member?

I always recommend getting your systems in check first! This allows you to automate tasks & hire for client-facing tasks rather than admin tasks; a greater ROI for you and a much smoother hiring experience when you've already optimized your processes.

Hi, I'm Fran!

client experience architect, DUBSADO SPECIALIST, CAT MOM, PODCASTER, AND fantasy-book-lover (TO NAME A FEW).

What you really want to know is that I’m here to help your business run on autopilot so that you can spend more time *outside* of your business - instead of working in it 24/7. Because I know you didn’t start your business to sit inside, hunched over your desk suffering from chronic neck pain all day.

let me help you out!

before you go...

Can I interest you in some easy-to-use, drool-worthy Dubsado templates?

Creating an on-brand experience for your clients no longer requires outside platforms, copious amounts of Googling, or headache-inducing coding.

I've done all the heavy lifting so that making Dubsado look like you and not well, Dubsado, is easy & pain-free!

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Take the guesswork out of asking for client feedback!

Your clients are the people who are actually experiencing your process, which means they'll have the most valuable insight about how to improve your client experience.

With 3 lessons in video, audio & written format plus a bank of example feedback questions to build from, gathering feedback will be a breeze!

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