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The Impact of Client Experience on Service Based Businesses: What 120 Business Owners Have to Say

Is client experience actually that important? Find out in this post where I share the results of a survey where 120 business owners shared their expectations, preferences, and how client experience impacts their overall satisfaction when working with a service provider.

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Hi, i'm fran

client experience enthusiast, neurodivergent entrepreneur and, most importantly, cat mom.

Okay maybe not most importantly, but you’d think they run this business since they’re on my Instagram stories more than I am. If they were catpreneurs though, they’d want you to know this: Your business doesn’t have to operate like anyone else’s

Sure there’s a plug ‘n play way business owners commonly approach systems and processes, but if you ask me that’s a path headed straight to burnout town.

As someone who’s neurodivergent, struggles with anxiety, and who’s been in the backend of over 70 businesses, rest assured that no two brains truly work the same (yes, even ones in the same industry). That’s why my approach to building client experiences is simple – custom or bust

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