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7 Ways to Make Your Dubsado More On Brand

Your branding is working hard to attract your ideal are 7 ways to make sure that it's implemented throughout the client experience too!

7 things you can do today to make your Dubsado account more on brand

When it comes to using any system or tool for your business that your clients interact with, usually you want it to look as much like your brand as possible instead of the system or tool’s branding. For Dubsado, there are some simple ways to implement your branding like your account’s Branding settings, your Dubsado client portal design, and your email signature, but today I’m going to share some things you might not have known or considered before!

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1. White label your Dubsado URLs

Head to your Settings and go to Domain names for instructions on connecting your domain to Dubsado, or follow these instructions. This allows the links you’re sharing to your forms, schedulers, portal, etc. to be a subdomain of your domain instead of “”.

For example, my Dubsado links are, but you can choose to do anything like,, or anything else you’d like!

2. Customize your URL metadata

Inside of this same Settings section, you can also set your URL metadata which changes what text appears in your browser tab when people are opening your forms, schedulers, etc. By default it just says ‘Dubsado CRM’, but you can customize it to something personalized to your business!

For example, mine is Dubsado Portal | The Passions Collective.

Additionally, you can set custom images for your favicon (the little icon that shows up in the browser tab when people are opening your Dubsado links) and your social sharing image (the image that pops up when you DM someone your Dubsado scheduler, for example).

3. Customize the names of your schedulers & forms

It’s easy to title your form and scheduler templates something that makes sense to you (like [NEW] Contract 2023) but there’s a few reasons why you miiiight want to pay a little more attention to how you’re naming these things inside your Dubsado account.

  • When you’re adding a button to an email to send a form, the button text is automatically populated with the title of your form (and if you’re sending a form automatically through a workflow, you won’t have the option to edit this text before it’s sent!)
  • When you’re adding a button to an email to send a scheduler, depending on how you’re going about sending it there are some cases where it will populate with the title of your scheduler instead of ‘Schedule Appointment’
  • When someone books a call with you via a scheduler and adds the event to their calendar, the title of the event is ‘[Their Name] - [Your Scheduler Template Name]’. So if your scheduler is titled ‘Discovery Call’ and I’m booking a call with you and add that event to my calendar, the event will say ‘Fran Rescigno - Discovery Call’…which is not very helpful for your client to identify who they’re having a discovery call with

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Use names for all your templates that are optimized for client viewing and aren’t for “internal use” purposes only
  2. Add your name or your brand name to ALL of your scheduler titles. For example ‘Discovery Call w/ [your name or your brand name]’ instead of just ‘Discovery Call’

Bonus: This could also be an opportunity to take things a little further with your brand! Maybe instead of Discovery Call, you title it a “Meet & Greet” or a “Coffee Chat” — pick something that feels authentic for you and your brand.

4. Customize your email templates

There are two types of email templates that you’ll want to customize inside of Dubsado:  ‘default emails’ and ‘canned emails’.

Customizing your default emails

These are located in the Canned Emails tab of your Dubsado account under the ‘Edit Templates’ dropdown menu. This will open up a list of email templates that are used as the default in many situations such as when a contract is completed, when a call is rescheduled, when a client enrolls in autopay, and more.

There are two main reasons why I recommend customizing these:

  1. Because the use the smart field for your client’s full name instead of their first name
  2. Because there are a group of these email templates that go out automatically and cannot be turned off. This list includes:
        - Contract Completed
         - Appointment Confirmed (if you don’t have an alternate email template set in the Advanced Settings of your scheduler template)
         - Appointment Rescheduled
         - Appointment Cancelled
         - Payment Plan Reminder (if you selected this template for your payment reminders in your payment plan template(s))
         - Autopay Failed
         - Autopay Cancelled
         - Autopay Enrollment Confirmed

Customizing your canned email templates

A lot of people feel like having email templates decreases the personalization of your processes, but personally, I feel like it just provides an opportunity to increase consistency across projects.

Setting up canned email templates prevents you from having to type or copy & paste the same email over and over and over for every client and regardless of whether you’re manually sending an email template or are sending it in a workflow*, you will still have the option to edit the content in it.

*This would only be available in a workflow if you’ve selected that the action where the email is being sent requires your approval

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what types of canned email templates you actually need for your business, what things you should be communicating in them, and how to best infuse your brand voice into the templates.

If ^these are things you’re looking for support with, join the waitlist for my upcoming resource where I’ll be talking about the exact process that I use to create on-brand canned email templates for my clients that prioritize effective communication!

5. Customizing your form templates

If you’re looking to utilize the native form building features in Dubsado, containers are my favorite for making beautiful forms. With the ability to have full-width containers (meaning they take up the full width of your screen) and easily being able to set a background image or color for each container—they make it easy to create forms that feel more like websites.

If you’d rather not figure it all out by yourself, there are also a plethora of options available to make it easier for you to have on-brand Dubsado forms. Personally, I would recommend checking out my Dubsado form template bundle! They’re fully customizable so you can add your own brand fonts, colors, images, etc. and come with demo videos that walk you through the entire setup process.

If you’d like to learn more about all your options when it comes to resources that can help you make beautiful Dubsado forms, take a peek at this blog where I’m breaking down all of the different options that are available including: pros, cons, & price point of each!

6. Utilize emojis across your Dubsado account

Do you have emojis that you use for your brand a lot? Here are some fun ways that you can implement them across your Dubsado account:

  • Email subjects
  • Email templates
  • Form titles
  • Scheduler titles
  • Project statuses (this will just make things more fun for you!)

7. Utilize GIFs across your Dubsado account

Are you a GIF-lover? Well do I have some fun news for you! There are a few ways that you can utilize GIFs across your Dubsado account:

  • Inside your canned email templates: Open up Giphy (or another platform if you find GIFs somewhere else!) save them to your computer, and use the “upload image” option or click and drag them into your email template from your computer downloads folder!
  • Inside your form templates: Not only can you upload a GIF anywhere you’re using an image block, you can also upload GIFs as the background image for any of your containers!
  • Inside your client portal: You can set your portal banner to be a GIF, or upload a design with a GIF—as long as it’s exported as a .gif file, you can upload it!

I hope that these tips are helpful for you with creating an experience within your Dubsado account that feels more like you and your brand. When you’ve got a killer brand identity, you want it to be implemented across the entire experience of working with you, and these are all great ways to make sure that happens!

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