dubsado templates designed to 'wow' at every touchpoint

think: website template but for dubsado forms

Upload and style your fonts, add your brand colors, then edit the content / remove sections you don’t need or duplicate them to create more and...voila! 

dubsado proposal template design by the passions collective

proposal template

Dubsado Form Template bundle

$300 or 2 payments of $150

5 customizable & duplicatable Dubsado templates: two lead capture designs, a contract, a questionnaire, + a proposal, with instructions on adding your own fonts & styles!

Whether you've got zero design experience or you're a designer yourself, these Dubsado templates will make leveling up your client experience a breeze. Get instant access to 5 customizable templates, video demos that walk through the entire setup & customization process, and Geneva support for any troubleshooting / questions you have throughout the process.

These templates are one-time fee of $300, or 4 payments of $75 if you choose Afterpay at checkout. With the ability to customize the branded elements (through every rebrand!) and duplicate each template as many times as necessary, they will serve your business for a lifetime! 

Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available.

Return Policy: Due to the digital nature of this product, returns are not available.

Shipping Policy: After purchase, this product will be delivered to you via email.

"The Passions Collective's Dubsado form templates are quite literally magic"

I’m a brand designer, so it’s really important that I have an excellent, on-brand, cohesive client experience from start to finish for each one of my clients. My old proposal was fine, but it took me hours to customize and became too time-consuming to edit as my offers changed.

Enter: Fran & her stunning templates. I bought them immediately and had them all completely tailored to my business before the day was over! The proposal in particular is *chef’s kiss*.  As a designer, it was like second nature to get them up and running — but even if you haven’t coded a day in your life or even touched the Dubsado editor, Fran has a generous number of video tutorials and walkthroughs so that you don’t feel lost for a second.

If you’ve been dreaming of a revamped Dubsado experience, but haven’t figured out where to start… You have your answer now. Do not walk, RUN to The Passions Collective Dubsado Form Templates! I pinky promise they’ll be the perfect fit for your business.

alexia s. | brand + Web Designer

These templates are worth every penny and will make you look like you should be charging double what you are!

These templates are absolutely astounding and I know because I’ve spent so many hours (honestly, days) DIYing my Dubsado templates, specifically my Dubsado proposal, to come up with something half as beautiful as this. Fran made putting together these Dubsado forms SO freaking easy. (Yes, even the coding part that makes you want to cry if you attempt to do it on your own).

alethea t. | copywriter



Add your brand fonts, style your buttons, change background colors & images, re-order, remove + repurpose sections — the possibilities are endless! The proposal itself includes mix&match sections including: About Me/Us, Video Embed, Packages & Add-Ons, Payment Details, Testimonial, Timeline, FAQs, and a Gallery/Portfolio.


Easy Access

Each of the 5 templates is a “one-click” template, meaning, it's added to your Dubsado account just through the click of a link. No need to copy and paste code or create form elements from scratch — it’s all there for you!


Guided Setup

When you purchase the templates, you get access to a series of video tutorials that walk you step-by-step through the customization process.


No Outside Platforms

No need for Canva, code snippets, or editing in any outside platforms. All of the customization can be done directly inside of the Dubsado form builder itself, making it super easy to update content at any time. (Aka making tweaks to your proposals before you send them off is easy as pie!)



Worried about having questions and no one to answer them? Not around here! With these templates you also get access to an exclusive Geneva (like Slack, but prettier) group where you get direct access to me for any questions you have, along with a continually updated FAQ section inside the mini-course content.

Not only are these templates stunning, they are also so easy to work with and the bundle came with SO MANY FORMS! Now my lead captures, proposals, questionnaires, and contracts would all be perfectly on brand. Fran’s tutorials and customer support was so thorough and helpful too.

Hannah R.

Fran's templates have completely transformed my client experience. When I onboard clients now, everything is consistent and branded and representative of my brand and what the client is going to experience throughout our project! ! The templates have allowed me to uplevel my forms by a million percent, and they feel so much more consistent with the rest of my brand. As a designer, I feel like that is a must! I'm so happy I purchased the templates. THANK YOUUUU <3

Kathryn B.

Receiving many leads that resonate so deeply with my branding just to be met with a form that fell so flat was like a dagger to the heart BUT NOW I feel so proud and excited to send any form or contract out to a client because of my end result of Fran's templates. Not only am I so proud of the outcome, I created my dream proposal template within 15 minutes (I mean, wow, I have emails that take longer to write) by following Fran's course.

Lexi M.

They are extremely easy to customize, and you can make dozens of copies with slight tweaks to fit any need your business could possibly have. Definitely worth more than the investment - practically a steal.

Sabrina B.

If you’ve been dreaming of a revamped Dubsado experience, but haven’t figured out where to start… You have your answer now. Do not walk, RUN to The Passions Collective Dubsado Form Templates! I pinky promise they’ll be the perfect fit for your business.

Alexia S.

Your proposals (and all of the forms you send your clients) are so freaking important and and having them look nice is the sprinkling on top of your client experience that helps you charge premium prices. These Dubsado templates make you look like you should be charging more and you'll be getting them for a ridiculously easy price AND they're ridiculously easy to customize. JUST DO IT ALREADY.

Alethea T.

Are you ready for...

  • Proposals that you can send in minutes not hours
  • Forms so beautiful your clients will rave about them
  • Peace of mind that you're making the best first impression possible with leads
  • A cohesive, branded experience for your leads & clients
  • Templates that don't sacrifice usability for design or vice versa
  • An investment that you can use for years (literally!) and easily update any time your branding changes

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I've got A's for your Q's

Below are some frequently asked questions, but feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram if you have a question that's not answered here:

do I need to know how to code?

Nope! There’s only a few pieces of CSS code that you’ll need to edit to access your brand fonts & change the native Dubsado elements (buttons, form fields, etc.) and I’ve structured it to be as straightforward as possible. All you have to do is replace existing elements with your brand’s information – basically a lot of copy & paste! You're not doing any coding from scratch -- it's already done for you, you're just editing bits and pieces and my video tutorials guide you through the entire process. I promise you’ll be able to do it ;)

how much can you customize in the templates?

It’s really up to your preference! You have the ability to customize the colors of everything (text, section backgrounds, buttons, border, etc.) and you can also easily edit any of the copy, reorganize sections, duplicate and repurpose sections…they’re meant to be very versatile to work for you, regardless of how much time you want to spend on them.

why isn't there a template for subagreements?

I've chosen not to include a specific sub-agreement template because I've found that across different industries and depending on it's purpose, some folks prefer them to be designed like a contract and others like a questionnaire.

You have the option to duplicate either the Contract template or Questionnaire template in Dubsado and click and drag it into the Sub-agreements column to create a template based on whichever design preference you have!

what do i need to access the templates?

A Dubsado account! If you don’t already have one, you can use this link (or code: TPC30) to get 30% off your first month/year.

can i use these for more than one brand/business?

If you’re the owner of them all, yes, but there is currently not a commercial license for these templates meaning they are for personal use only.

If you’re setting them up for someone else’s business they (or you) will need to purchase a separate license. If you’re someone who works in Dubsado frequently and wants to use these for your clients, shoot me an email and I'll give you information about our partnership program!

can you set up the templates for me?

Yes! If you don't want to worry about editing the code and customizing the templates to match your brand, I can do that for you :) This is an additional add-on option that you can select at checkout!

Your brand is working hard on the outside of your business, it's time to make sure it's pulling its weight on the inside too.

Still now sure if they're the right fit for you? Check out this blog to learn about the other types of Dubsado templates to make an informed decision about which ones are the best for your needs :)