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they just need a little tlc from me, your resident dubsado specialist & graphic designer

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Custom-Designed Dubsado Form Template

what's included

Five Custom-Designed Form Templates in Dubsado - I create one design template for each type of Dubsado form: Contract, Sub-agreement, Questionnaire, Proposal & Lead Capture

Please note: I do not provide edits to your form content. I create a designed template to change the visual look of elements inside Dubsado — if there are wording changes, or questions you want removed from any specific form, that is your responsibility to do before or after our project,

Two Rounds of Revisions Per Form - Each of the five templates is entitled to up to two rounds of revisions to ensure that you're able to provide feedback and your templates are exactly how you imagined them to be!

Application of Form Templates to Existing Forms - Don't stress about having to go through and update or re-create all of your current forms with the new templates. I'll go through and update all your existing forms to ensure everything is on-brand before we wrap up your project

Personalized Demo Video - I'll record a demo video to explain how to use your templates to create new forms, how to edit existing forms, and tips & tricks for using the Dubsado form builder.

Let's start your project!

here's how it works:

Step 1: You fill out the contact form & I let you know what my next availability is. I only book 1-2 of these projects per month, so be sure to reach out early!

Step 2: If I'm available on your desired start date, I'll send over a proposal, contract & invoice. You'll pay a 50% retainer ($425) at booking and the remainder will be due 2 weeks after the project start date.

Step 3: I'll send over an onboarding questionnaire to gather your brand information (colors, fonts, logos) along with some preferences for each form. The proposal template has quite a few options for what sections you'd like included, so you'll be able to select those on the form and provide any written content for sections like FAQs, Timeline, etc.

Step 4: By the end of week 1 of your project, you'll have the first draft of the designs for each of your templates (1 for each type of Dubsado form). Feedback is due within 3 business days & you have 2 rounds of revision per template.

Step 5: Over the 2 weeks following, we'll go through your revision rounds and make sure everything looks perfect. Once the designs are finalized, I'll apply the template design to all your existing forms.

Step 6: I'll send over a demo video to show you how to use and edit your templates, and you'll be on your way with new and improved Dubsado forms that are truly an extension of your brand!

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Your Dubsado lead capture form can seamlessly blend with the rest of your website

Have you ever looked at your 'Contact' page and thought to yourself, Man I really wish this Dubsado form wasn't so clearly...Dubsado. Me too! That's why I created a solution.

want a dreamy booking process?

You need a Dubsado proposal that could pass as a page on your website

With a custom-designed Dubsado proposal, we combine functionality and design for the best of both worlds: a system where you can provide an on-brand experience that allows your client's to book you with ease.

gathering info from your clients?

Make it an on-brand experience.

Infuse your brand into every touchpoint with custom-designed questionnaires that present your questions in a beautiful, and digestible way.

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