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From manually sending emails to onboarding in minutes — Kait’s workflow transformation

The Backstory

Kait and I connected not long after I started my business back in 2020 and have been cheering each other on (through the countless pivots) ever since, so I was absolutely thrilled when she reached out to me in the summer of 2022 about working together.

She wasn’t sure if she was ready to work together just quite yet because she wanted to have her workflows planned out first, but I let her know that I actually encourage people not to do that (I know, sounds weird) because if we map them out together, I’m able to weigh in regarding client experience strategy and Dubsado’s limitations.

(Otherwise, there’s a possibility that you might plan something out that you’re really attached to, only to find out that it’s not feasible in Dubsado or that it’s not the best idea for your client experience!)

After scheduling an initial consultation call for about a month after our first DM conversation, Kait ended up moving our call up almost a month because she was just so dang excited about working with me! Okay, fine, it was actually because the project for her new website was moving faster than she anticipated, but in any case, we ended up starting our project a little over a month later.

Kait, founder of Morph Copy House

Meet Kait — founder of Morph Copy House

Kait, founder of Morph Copy House, is a copywriter who blends storytelling + strategy to create compelling words for the websites, sales pages & emails of creative entrepreneurs. When Kait reached out about a project she was already consistently booking projects, had gained lots of experience, and refined her process over 2+ years of business.

As a digital nomad living in Portugal and exploring her way across Europe, she was looking to spend less time in the backend of her business and more time living her life. She wanted to be able to spend her time doing what she’s really freaking good at (writing copy) and provide a killer client experience for her peeps, without being glued to her laptop and she knew that efficient systems were the key.

The Audit

When Kait came to me, she had been using Dubsado but didn’t have any automations set up so she was handling her inquiry, onboarding, during project & post-project processes all manually. She had previously purchased a Dubsado template for her proposal but found the set up process a bit daunting and had never completed it.

As I mentioned before, Kait was in the midst of a big rebrand that was taking her from ‘Kait Cozzens’ to ‘Morph Copy House’ and drastically elevating her brand presentation, and conveying a higher value in her services. Because of this, having high-level client experience was crucial to have in place before the launch of her rebrand in order to ensure that the experience new + potential clients were being taken through would be on par with the level established by Kait’s new branding.

Kait’s biggest gap in her current experience was the lack of automations in use currently. This was making more work for her on the back-end which was not only dragging out the process for her clients too, making many parts of her inquiry and onboarding process take longer than necessary, but also creating a larger mental-load because she was forced to keep track of all the moving pieces for each project all the time. This left an opportunity for us to take a weight off her shoulders by automating parts of her process and create more excitement for her clients in the onboarding process!

The Strategy

To develop the strategy for Kait’s project, we hopped on a call to chat about what her current process looked like. She walked me through what things she was currently doing on the back end throughout the entire experience, from inquiry to end of project, and I took that and chatted with her about:

  • Where I saw room to more clearly communicate client expectations in terms of due dates, response times, etc.
  • Things we could implement into her experience to make her clients feel more appreciated and to encourage client retention
  • What options we had in terms of automating things in Dubsado and which things she was comfortable going out automatically vs which things she wanted to require her approval

One of the biggest things I wanted to make sure was prioritized in the project was strategically implementing Kait’s brand & personality. We knew that a lot of Kait’s clients chose her specifically because they connected with her and it was important that every touchpoint in her client experience had that same “Kait feel” so that there weren’t any inconsistencies between the experience her clients would have when they were interacting with her directly vs her experience.

The Implementation

When it came to implementation we started where every project starts: custom email templates. I often refer to email templates as the building blocks of the workflows and client experience, and this is where we were really able to make sure that Kait’s personality shined through! From adding emoji’s to the language in her emails, every part of the communication felt like hers.

With implementing Kait’s new branding, the biggest opportunity to showcase her brand was through her Dubsado forms. Lucky for me, Max did an incredible job with Kait’s brand which made creating beautiful forms for her clients that much easier. Between her proposal, client questionnaire, contract & a lead capture form that blended right in with her beautiful website (also by Max), Kait’s walked away with a series of templates that were easy to use and provided an on-brand experience throughout her process.

Last, but not least, the workflows. Coming back to Kait’s original goal of being able to spend less time in the back-end of her business we wanted to automate as much as possible while ensuring that we weren’t sacrificing personalization throughout the process. Between the personalized and personality-packed email templates and choosing to have a few specific actions that required Kait’s approval (and her customization) we made sure that no part of the process felt out of alignment.

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The Transformation

Within 6 weeks, Kait went from spending hours onboarding new clients, checking in on current clients, & following up with new inquiries to spending minutes or no time at all on them. This allowed her to not only have more flexibility in her business and how she spent her time, but provide an even better experience to her clients while she’s at it!

My background in design allowed me to create templates for Kait that expertly implemented her new branding and don’t require any outside platforms to edit moving forward, to ensure that Kait would be able to continue utilizing her templates on her own without a hitch. (And ones that she constantly gets compliments on from her clients!)

When asked about the most valuable part of this experience, Kait said “The automations and set up are obviously insanely valuable, but for me it was so helpful to have a live audit of my process and receive feedback on how to improve it. Not only for my clients, but for myself too. I know this will save me loads of time in the future because any new offer I have, I'll just rinse, tweak, and repeat what we put together!”

Her thoughts on the overall experience were “For anything Dubsado, automation, or client experience - there is no one better than Fran! She had so much patience with my not-so-tech savvy brain, provided extremely valuable feedback on my existing client experience, and managed to build out workflows that will quite literally save me HOURS weekly (not to mention brain power). There is nothing copy + paste about her strategy, everything was so personalized to my business and processes. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat. You should, too!!!”

If you’re like Kait and you’re ready to have a business that supports you and your clients, without tying you to your laptop, head over to my services page to learn about getting started with a Client Experience Audit!